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When Toulet and Christophe Lambert went into partnership, they went on a wonderful adventure: to create a billiard table with high technical playing quality and one of the most modern designs available.

100% customizable

Wood color of your choice (matte, glossy, or natural finish). You can customize your billiard table. Various options possible: stickers on the sides (various patterns), wall-powered or battery-powered LED lighting, leather pockets (colors available: brown, black, burgundy, cream, white), mechanical or electronic coin-operation. Cloth: choose from more than 28 colors! All color charts here !

100% quality :

competition-standard pockets, 19 mm ground one-piece slate. The L-shaped rubber cushions meet all competition standards. Soundproof centralized ball return. Iwan Simonis competition-quality cloth.

100% modular :

The Lambert can easily be turned into a dining table with the addition of a wooden or glass top (various options available). With the foldaway box system, you can easily and comfortably place your feet under the table. We also offer chairs, benches, and bars made to measure, to complement your billiard table. The Lambert can also be turned into a poker table with the addition of customized cloth on the reverse.

More information on Christophe Lambert here.

Technical specifications :

postformed frame, frame and legs made of brushed stainless steel, 65 mm diameter adjustable feet for the best possible flexibility.

Below, a summary of the various options we offer :