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Maintenance is easy, and if you take good care of the BlackLight table, it will thank you with unequaled elegance for many years!

The cloth and pockets need to be brushed regularly. For deeper cleaning, vacuum occasionally. (Take care to set the vacuum to the lowest setting, so that the cloth doesn’t separate from the table.)For the table itself, a dry microfiber cloth should be used to remove dust, and a moist microfiber cloth is more than enough to remove marks.
Depending on the marks, you can apply polish to remove them, if you like. Also, leather pockets should be treated with special leather care products once annually, and the table’s varnish may need to be refreshed if it’s been moved.

Finally, the accessories must not be left out of the maintenance routine, so that you can get the most satisfaction and pleasure out of the game. You can clean billiard balls with a special Aramith polish. Replace the tips of your cues every two years, on average, and use a microfiber cloth on cues regularly to remove marks.

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